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other thing that I regret was having married Edgar.
Anything else that I have done does not seem to
Some nights after was the official opening of the
Boeuf sur le Toit. I was taken by the athlete. We
dined at a restaurant near the Madeleine and went
there about eleven-thirty. Cocteau, whom I had
last seen at the unofficial opening, showed me a
telegram which was from Corsica and from Brancusi
and Radiguet. It said that they were having a
splendid time and would return to Paris perhaps
soon and perhaps not. Gocteau was much dis-
turbed at the complete disappearance of Radiguet.
We talked about it for a short time and came to the
conclusion that he would be quite safe in Brancusi's
care. They returned a few days later, having had a
wonderful time with the peasants and the Corsican
brandy. When members of the pre-War School of
Montparnasse went out " on the bust *9 they did
things in the pre-War style. It is a much better way,
I think, than going out for two or three evenings a
week. When once they started and that was not
very often, as they usually worked very hard, they
continued for days, and sometimes, if the money
held out—for weeks. On one occasion, during the
fourteenth of July celebrations, Brancusi and Braque>
the Cubist, painted their faces in Cubist designs,
in red, blue, and white. I did, alas, not see them,
but I am told that they looked really fantastic.
They began by walking up the Boulevard St.
Michel. Everyone was so startled at their odd
appearance that they ran away IB terror. They