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BACK    TO    PARIS    A N D    C E L E B R I T I E S
more often than not, very " catty." There was
another remark of his that I thought very funny:
" Quand fetais jeune tout le monde nfa dit, ' Quand vous
aurez cinquante arts, vous vemz, maintenant fai cinquante
ans etje rial rien vuJ " I had some copies of this paper
which, unfortunately, I have lost. At the beginning
of the Boeuf there were hardly any English or
Americans. Moise, I, Nancy Cunard, Iris Tree,
Evan Morgan, Tommy Earp and a few others, but
no tourists at all. Later on it became filled with
dreary and rich Americans, who simply got drunk
and either fought or fell asleep.
Tommy Earp was still rich and gave us a wonder-
ful time. He seldom said, "Will you dine on
Friday, or lunch on Wednesday," but would arrive
at the Parnasse and suddenly ask, " Will you have
a small dinner with me?" The dinner nearly
always ended at seven-thirty a.m. in the markets.
On one occasion we took a taxi to Montmartre to a
restaurant in the Rue des Martyrs called UAne
Rouge. It is a very expensive restaurant and
frequented almost entirely by French people. A
band played special tunes that Tommy called for
and we had a really stupendous dinner with white
wine, not champagne, but much better and nicer.
Tommy said that the night was too young to start
on champagne. After dinner we started out to
" do " Montmartre. We went to the Savoy and
ordered a bottle of champagne. This one has to do
in any case. The champagne in these night clubs is
mostly sweet and horribly expensive. The sweet
kind is really more drinkable than the sec, which