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about eight a.m. She said, " Where on earth have
you been to, you smell like a smoked herring? " I
said, " I am." I had a bath and was regaled with
brandy as I felt very sick.
The next day I found my friends who had my
flat and got the latch-key and stayed there. I had
to arrange about my show and get my water-
colours framed. I had hardly any money and felt
very gloomy, I could not pay for the frames so
decided to visit a kind uncle who had a business in
the city. He was the brother of my terrifying aunt.
I explained my troubles and he was kind enough
to lend me the money (I have never paid him back,
I am ashamed to say, but I will some day) to pay
for them. My luck was in a very bad way as the day
my exhibition opened there was a coal strike. I
had a good private view, that is to say, all kinds of
people came, but all I sold during the whole show
was one drawing for seven guineas. Nancy Cunard
was in London. She asked me to a luncheon party
that her mother was giving in Carlton House
Terrace. During the morning I had arranged to
do a drawing of Stulik, the proprietor of the Eiffel
Tower Restaurant. I worked for several hours and
did a drawing in pencil which, although I don't
think a good drawing, is, at any rate, an excellent
likeness. It occurred to me that I might as well
take it to the luncheon party and show it to Nancy,
as she knew Stulik so well I arrived, feeling rather
nervous, and left the drawing in the hall with my
coat The footman showed me into a drawing-
room. I had never seen Lady Cunard before, but,