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I had left the studio and was living in a small hotel
in Moiitparnasse.    I had behaved rather badly to
the Pole and had neglected him.   I found it much
better to live by myself and to have no one to wait
for one's arrival home.    I found one day, at the
Countess A's, Harry Melvill.    She gave a cocktail
party.   Teddie Gerrard was there.   I had met her
during the War when she was in Bubbly with Con-
stance Stuart Richardson and Arthur Weigall, the
Egyptologist, who had designed the Egyptian set-
tings.   Sessue Hayakawa was also there.   He was
sitting on the floor on a small stool by the fire-place
and I sat on a mat beside him. He was very fond of
painting and we talked about art.   He was most
charming and very intelligent.  It is such a pity that
one never sees him now as he was such a good actor.
Harry Melvill I had met in London just after the
War. One day I was going to Chelsea on the top of a
'bus and in front of me was a very smartly-dressed,
elderly man, with a fat, rather elderly, lady.    She
looked rather like Marie Lloyd.   They talked and
laughed a great deal and I wondered what they
were doing on a 'bus, they looked much more like
people who would own a Rolls-Royce.   A few days
later Mr. " Bogey " Harris, whom I had met at the
Omega Workshops  with  Mr.  Fry,  asked  me to
lunch at Treviglio's,    Treviglio's was at that time
frequented by smart and amusing people; Lady
Cunard went there a lot.    I got there rather early
and sat alone at a table and waited.   Presently, to
my astonishment, the elderly man I had seen on the
'bus came in alone.   He sat down and seemed to be