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cut the silk in half and sewed each side up, leaving
only a hole for the head, and holes each side for the
arms. The ribbon was tied round the middle under
the armpits. I made two wreaths of the grapes and
the vine leaves, and helped them to paint their faces.
They looked very fine indeed and were extremely
proud of themselves. I dined with the red-haired
American and we went to watch the people enter the
ball at Luna Park. We did not see the Pole, or
Rubenstein, but many wonderful costumes. An
American got in without a ticket, as he saw the stu-
dents unloading a wagon of champagne and helped
them, and so got in without being noticed. I saw
two English Guards' officers who had come dressed
in togas made out of sheets. They could not have
looked more like the Grenadier Guards in their uni-
forms than they did in the sheets. They got in
safely. The American and I went to the Bois de
Boulogne after and sat on a seat as it was a very hot
evening. He lived in a Hotel which is on the Quays
at the corner of the Pont Neuf, and near the statue of
Henry IV. We went to Les Halles and bought
two bottles of white wine which we took back to the
hotel. His conversation I thought completely
" gaga," but the red hair made up for it and we
drank the wine. I stayed at the hotel and at eight-
thirty in the morning we decided to take one of the
river boats and go down the river. It was a beautiful
day and very hot. I had on a pair of sandals which
I had had in London and were wonderfully made.
I had very nice feet with long toes and was very
proud of them. I had a check dress, very tight