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kind of language perfectly, and is a charming and
most entertaining person. He was in Paris for a
few days on business and was at a loose end in the
evenings. I said, " Would you like to meet Eric
Satie, I have just left him at the Dome? 3* Konody
was delighted at the idea, as, of course, he had heard
of Les Six and all the modern painters and poets
and writers, but had met very few of them. We
went to the Dome and I introduced them. I then
had an inspiration. I said, " Gome back with me
and see my French friend, F., who knows everybody
in Paris, and afterwards, perhaps, we can go and see
Romeo and Juliet at the theatre in Montmartre. It is
a French interpretation of Shakespeare's play by
Jean Cocteau." I rang F. up, and we took a taxi
to R.'s flat in the Rue de Conde, where F. was
staying. We had some cocktails in the garden. It
was a beautiful place on the ground-floor, part of a
very good eighteenth-century house, and had a
courtyard covered in grass with a fountain in the
middle. The fountain was very pretty and repre-
sented a Cupid pouring water. We said that we
thought of going to Romeo and Juliet and F. said,
" Ring up Gocteau and he will give you some seats if
there are any going/' I rang him up and told him
with whom I was and he told us to come and that he
would keep us two seats. We had a very good dimer
and went to. L* Atelier, the theatre where the play was
on. The stage decor was done by Jean Victor Hugo.
He is a descendant of Victbr Hugo and has a most
remarkable talent for stage decoration and cos-
tumes. The back cloth was of black velvet, and