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this occasion when I was with Konody, Zelli re-
cognized me and said, " Royal Box for the Prin-
cess.35 I said, " Oh, Mr. Zelli, I think you have
made a mistake, I am not a Princess," and then I
realized that he always said that to any female who
looked expensive or who was with expensive-looking
men. We drank champagne and danced until very
One day F. asked Marie and myself to have
some cocktails at the flat.  We found Yvonne George
there, Cocteau, Radiguet, Stravinsky and Diaghilev.
They asked me to bring my guitar which I did, and
sang the " Drunken Sailor," the " Servant Girl in
Drury Lane,95 and the song about Nautical William.
They  were  delighted  with  the  tunes.    Yvonne
dressed herself up in cushion covers and a pair of
white kid gloves, which she arranged on her head
as a hat.    She sang some of her songs and she,
Cocteau, and Radiguet did an imitation scene from
an imaginary play.   They were very funny and we
had a magnificent time.    Marie and I stayed to
dinner and wre went to the Boeuf sur le Toit after-
wards.   A few days later I dined at the Boeuf with
F. and R. and later on Satie came in.    I wore
my golden dress covered with spangles.   Cocteau
and   Radiguet   were   there   and   also   Diaghilev
and Boris Kochno.    Satie was very affectionate
and planted his bearded chin on my shoulder, it
tickled a good deal, but I did not mind.   He asked
me to dance for him and the pianist played a suitable
tune and I did various snake-like movements and felt
rather like Salome dancing before Herod.   It was