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around  but  white  blossoms.     I  never  dared to
try and paint them.    Much later on, when I at-
tacked a pear-tree in bloom in the South of France,
to my astonishment I did, I think, the best land-
scape I have ever painted.   Anyway, I sold it for
twenty pounds and it was only a small one.    I
took the train back to Paris about eight o'clock
with my arms full of roses which the Greek lady
gave me.   Sometimes John came back to Paris with
me and we dined there and he went back later
on.    I enjoyed his company and we had a Very
pleasant and romantic friendship.    I brought the
roses to the Pole, who painted still lives of them
when they were fresh, and through every stage of
decay until they were  quite  dried up,  painting
about three different still lives out of each bunch of
From time to time the artists hired the Bal Bullier
and organized dances. One time the Poles would
have a ball, another the Russians and various other
nationalities. It was not necessary to wear the
national costume, but everyone wore some kind of
fancy dress. One day the Poles gave a ball. They
hired a salle near the Porte d5 Orleans, as it was
not to be such a big affair as the Bal Bullier. I
found, during the afternoon, Jemmett the " Chelsea
giant." He was six feet-ten and used at one time to
be seen each morning in Piccadilly wearing a top-
hat and tail coat. He was a really magnificent-
looking creature, as he was perfectly proportioned
and very good-looking. I asked him if he would lite
to come with me and he said that he would. I had