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remembered only the chorus and we sang that
together. I went to the show (it was called some-
body's " Diorama ") with my Grandmother, who
wept, as she always did, at the sight of a ship.
Joyce, I have heard since, paid me a very nice
compliment and said I was one of the few vital
women that he had ever met. I don't know if that
is true, but I have very big lungs and can make a
great deal of noise if encouraged. Joyce spoke with
the most charming accent. His wife was fair and
extremely nice; he had two children, a son and a
daughter, who did not speak very much.
Yvonne George had got an engagement in
London to sing at the Alhambra, and I had decided
to go to London anyway to try and collect some
money. Yvonne was a great friend of the Countess
A.'s and she said, " I will pay your train fare to
London if you will look after Yvonne." We all met
at the Gare du Nord, The Countess brought our
lunch with her, and two bottles of champagne.
When we got into the train, we discovered an old
friend of ours who said, " Are you having lunch on
the train? " We said, '" No, we have got our lunch
with us." He said, "Would you like some cham-
pagne? " And we said, " Yes*" We had our lunch
and he joined us afterwards, bringing some wine
with him. The Countess had engaged a cabin on the
boat for herself and Yvonne and they went below.
I wandered up to the bar. There I found Sachy
and Osbert Sitwell and Sir Gerald du Maurier and
Sir James Dunn. We had a drink and I sat on the
deck with the Sitwells. It was a beautiful day and