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en vingt minutes!" She asked for the bill. The
waiter looked at us as if we were crooks and sent
for the manager who looked worse, and I said,
" Stay here and give me the ten-pound note! "
I rushed up the staircase and into the arms of a
policeman. I said, " I am in Dirty Dick's with
the Star Turn of the Alhambra and we only have

a ten-pound note and the manager thinks we are
crooks and he won't change it." The policeman
smiled and said, "Well, Miss, I know it's a bit
Jard on two ladies like yourselves. Take it to
the Great Eastern Hotel," pointing out to me the
way to get there. I ran round the corner and asked
for the cashier. I was breathless by the time that I
arrived and gasped, ." Dirty Dick's, Star Turn,
Alhambra, ten-pound note!" and I wrote all this
information on the back of the note and he gave