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Nancy Cunard was at this time in Paris and asked
me if I would like to meet George Moore.    I was
very much thrilled and felt as if I was going to be
introduced to one of the Old Masters.    He stayed
at Foyot's when he was in Paris.   He was charming
and asked me to lunch with him in the Place de
I'Odeon.    I showed him some reproductions of my
paintings, they were nearly all portraits, including
the one of Sickert,   He said, cc I see you are a clever
woman, but why do you paint people larger than
life? " We went after lunch to the Galeries Durand-
Ruel, and Georges Petit. This was most interesting,
as, of course, George Moore was known there in the
days when he wrote his book on the Impressionists
and the manager said, ce Ah, Mr. Moore, do you re-
member what Edouard Manet said to you that day
in his studio in 1875? "   Impressionist pictures were
brought  up   from  the  cellars.      Sisleys,   Pisarros,
Jondkinds  and Manets, which  I had never seen
before.    He told me how he had studied Art but
had never found himself until he took to writing.
He said to me, cc My dear, you may do a lot with
your talent and your life but not until you have got
a point of view;  some day you may develop one;
/have got a point of view/5