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statues and churches. I suppose one has to climb
up them. They are very high and almost perpendic-
ular. On the top of one is a statue which looked
to me exactly like the Statue of Liberty, and appar-
ently quite as large.  It all looks as if it had. been
created by Gustave Dore. We found a museum
with many Roman remains and visited the Cathe-
dral. We walked round inside, the Countess explain-
ing the architecture to me, and suddenly we were
attacked by the rudest and ugliest priest I have ever
seen. He flew at us and told us that we were dis-
turbing the people at prayer. We could only see
one person present, and he was asleep. The priest
stormed and the Countess told him what she thought
of him and waved a hippopotamus stick, which she
always carried. She told me that she only wished that
she had had the courage to beat him with it. She
succeeded in frightening him into believing that he
was going to be beaten and he finally slunk away,
We were both trembling with rage and on leaving
the church we found outside a stall, with hand-made
lace and embroidery for sale. A small girl was
standing by the stall. She said that her mother had
gone home for a minute. We asked her what the
priest's name was and told her what a rude, horrible
man he was, knowing that this would be repeated to
her mother, who would, in detail, explain the whole
incident to the entire town. We gathered from the
little girl that Monsieur B. was a far from popular
figure and we left the town triumphantly*
We spent the next night at Alais and from there
we went to Nimes.   We took rooms at the Hdtel de