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sitting on the Arc de Triomphe. We also saw the
asylum that Van Gogh was in. Near St. Remy is
Les Baux, a lonely ruined town on a rock. Only
about eighty people live there, it is most grim and
sinister; and after drinking a bottle of very good
white wine we were glad to get away from its
gloomy atmosphere. We passed through Aries,
which is a very bright and gay and paintable place,
which can clearly be seen from Van Gogh's pictures.
I was sorry that we could not stop.
We got to Aix-en-Provence at nine-thirty p.m.
and took rooms at the Hotel des Thermes Sextius.
Darius Milhaud was living at Aix with his family
and we found him the next day. He said that he
would take us and show us over Cezanne's house and
then take us some miles further out to see Mont
St. Victoire, the famous jjink mountain. Milhaud
came to our hotel and we started in the motor for
Cezanne's house. It was then owned by some very
bourgeois people. I believe they did quite a trade in
Cezanne's hats. It was curious to see the garden,
as everywhere one saw Cezanne's pictures—and how
realistic they are! At the top of the house is a very
small studio where he worked. On one wall was a
large painting of a cow, most certainly not by
Cezanne. We drove on, and saw, on turning a
corner, Mont St. Victoire. It was a high and most
beautiful mountain, much more beautiful and quite
distinguishable from those surrounding it. We
stopped at a little cafe from which we had a fine
view of it. Cezanne used this cafe when he was
alive/ We drank some Vin de T<wdy which is a
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