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local wine, and found some old-fashioned postcards
of the early 'nineties, ^representing the smart visitors
to house-parties in the neighbourhood. There was
a particularly fine specimen of a General's house-
party, the ladies wearing leg-of-mutton sleeves and
sailor hats. We then had tea at Milhaud's parents'
house. Milhaud told us many amusing stories, one
of Georges Auric, who was very absent-minded and
who was asked to a party. By some mischance he
was not introduced to the great man of the after-
noon, the Academician, Edmond Jaloux. Jaloux
came up to Georges and said, " Je suis Jaloux " and
Georges turned round and said, " De qui? " Aix-en-
Provence is a town of fountains. There are several
in the main street, very pretty ones, covered in moss,
with the water dripping from the moss.
We then started on the last lap of our journey.
We had lunch at Brignoles, where all the English
stop on their way South. There is a restaurant
there famous for its ecrevisses. We got to St. Raphael,
where we sat in a cafe by the sea and had a drink.
The weather was beautiful and we felt very pleased
with life. Juan les Pins is not very far away and
we got there about seven-thirty. Our chauffeur
could not find the villa and asked an old man the way.
He directed us and added, " C'est la maison constmite
comme une .ruine"$ This did not sound to us very
promising. What he really meant was that it had
a tower with battlements and although quite
modern it was built like an old castle. It was on the
sea with a little garden leading to the sea-shore.
The Prince M. and his wife and daughter and a