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many Germans, generally some negresses, and
several artists5 models. One day when I arrived a
terrible battle was in progress between a young lady
from the south and another one from the north*
Hair was being pulled out and they had to be
forcibly separated. There was a very amusing
young model who came from the north, who was
known as " Lafille du cure'' At any party she would
always undress. She was quite small in height, had
long golden hair below her waist, rosy cheeks, and
a fine and not too much developed figure. She was
a most charming and unspoilt creature. She had
been at the Folies Bergeres and danced very well.
On this occasion there were three very bourgeois
negresses sitting in a row. Pascin had collected
them from some place in Montmartre, certainly not
a night-club, for they were the height of respecta-
bility and looked rather startled at the chaste but
nude dance of the Fille du cure. Pascin said that
there was a party that we must all go to, the other
side of Paris, near the Rue de Vaugirard, and that
we should take our food with us. We collected string
bags and baskets and the Fille du curl and the negresses
and went shopping. We bought sausages, wine,
olives and ham, and took several taxis, as there were
about twelve of us. The party was held in a large
studio. The three negresses sat in a row and said
nothing. Lafille du cure stoked up the fire and re-
moved her clothes. No one took much notice of her
as we had seen her performances so often. The host
told us to collect some more people, so several of us
went to the Dome and the Rotonde. I found there