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The cook said that the " Vieux Monsieur " had taken
them away in his sack. F. and R. had to go to
Nice to see their tailor and buy various things,
and as I had to go back to Paris in a few days
they said that we would all stay at the Hotel West-
minster. I had a room on the front with a bath-
room and they had a room next to mine.
The Hotel Westminster is filled with nice English
families, so we did not spend much time there.  The
meeting place for all our friends was Chez Vogade,
in the Place Massena.  Here we saw daily Cocteau,
Milhaud, Poulenc, Stravinsky and his family. They
all came to the tailor for their clothes.   Stravinsky
had a wonderful tweed coat of all colours.   F.
ordered a pair of burnt sienna plus-fours, which
very nearly fitted him.   At any rate they were
all delighted with themselves.    I found Fiank
Harris and his wife at Vogade's and had tea with
them.  The next day was. the Carnival  It was a
glorious spectacle with enormous figures of the most
beautiful colours; I should imagine very much like
a Roman festival, the sculpture of the figures was
magnificent.    We wore wire masks  with faces
painted on them.  On one day of the carnival little
balls of plaster confetti are thrown by the population
at each other and anyone else who is there. The mo-
ment the confetti hits you it becomes powder and it
is extremely dangerous.  People have had their eyes
injured for weeks afterwards. We dined at Caressa's,
near the Place Massena, and walked round the
town.   We found somewhere in the back streets a
cafe with the noise of a mechanical piano and went