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do a helmet, Ralph would paint the body, and
Julian would do the legs., It was an imposing pic-
ture, distinctly reminiscent of Uccello, but somehow
different. Ralph took it back to America with him
and, I believe, sold it to a museum. Ralph and
Julian both went back to America, unfortunately,
and the detachments of Americans sent over got
steadily worse and worse.
One day I found Tuohy in Montparnasse. He
said that he and a friend of his, Kinko, an Irish girl,
and two other friends were taking a cottage in
Brittany on an island called Brehat. They asked me
to join them, but I could not for some reason or
other. One day the Dingo, where I went often,
became inundated with most of the crew of the
American flagship " Pittsburgh They talked to
everyone, they fought and drank, they ate beef-
steaks with bottles of tomato sauce, and bought
everyone drinks. All the ladies from miles around
arrived, and the Quarter brightened up. I made
friends with a fat electrician, who was charming,
and made more noise after, as he described them,
"a flock of ginfizzes," than anyone I had ever
met. I painted his portrait, which he sent to his
Mother; he also paid me for it. The sailors who
did not get fighting drunk I found very amusing,
and quite different from any other kind of person
that I had met. My fat friend, if he was not on
leave at a certain time, would send his friends to me
to look after. He sent two ridiculous little creatures
one day, who were about eighteen. I looked after
them and told them where to go. Even in London