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written articles on it for papers. The Bretons liked
us very much and I always said that I was Galloise
and they said that they were Irlandais. The
Bretons and Tuohy understood each other perfectly.
At TArcouest, where the " Vedette " crossed to,
was a hotel, and we used to have drinks, not with the
tourists, but in a little side bar where the sailors
went. The patron had a chien de chasse, a setter,
of which he was very proud. His wife had a short,
fat, white dog who wheezed. One day the patron
went off to faire la chasse, taking both the dogs
with him. To his horror his famous setter had no
scent at all and the short fat dog was the success of
the party. His wife laughed loudly when they came
home. One day Kinko was expecting some money
from her Father and, as Tuohy was working, we
went together to the Post Office, which was near
the square. She found it waiting for her and spoke
of three hundred francs. We went to the dull new
cafe and started to celebrate the event. We had also
promised to buy the lunch. We arrived home rather
later than we intended and, after eating, retired to
rest. During the afternoon Kinko said, c< I have
mislaid my money, perhaps I have dropped it or
hidden it somewhere." We searched the house and
could not find it. We consoled ourselves by playing
Mah Jong. None of us really attained great pro-
ficiency in this game but we liked handling the
pieces. The next morning I was in the kitchen.
The fire was not lit and it had not been cleared out
since the day before. It was an old-fashioned stone
stove, built into the room with a hole underneath