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with a grating for the ashes to drop through. I saw,
sticking out, a piece of a five-franc note. I put my
hand in and there was all the money including a
five-pound note and several hundred-franc notes,
some tens, and the five-franc one that had only had
its edge burnt. This find, of course, called for
another celebration. Hiding money reminded me of
the Modigliani hundred-franc note and that " It's
an ill wind, etc./5 but we were pleased that it was
us who found it rather than the rather bad-tempered
and incredibly inefficient charwoman.
I found an old friend of mine whom I had known
in London during the war; I had known him with
Constance Stuart Richardson and Mario Colonna.
He had been to Spain and had taken the most
beautiful photographs of Spanish architecture. He
already knew Tuohy and Kinko but they didn't
know that I had known him before. He knew
everyone as he came to the island every year. He
said that he would come and cook us a Hungarian
goulash one evening, and told us what we must buy
and that he would bring the other ingredients with
him. We spent the day getting food and drink in
and arranged the whole dinner with different kinds
of wine. The goulash took a long time to make and
the smell from the kitchen was terrific. Finally it
appeared and we all stuffed ourselves. During the
night we suffered from the effects of the Paprika and
in the morning felt very ill. It took us three days to
recover. It was, unfortunately, too hot and too rich
for us.
One day a most curious thing happened.   We