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day he swam out of his bathing suit. Kinko and I
stood on the sea-shore and laughed at him as he
swam after it.
One morning we decided to do a tour of Brittany
in the motor. We started off early. We stayed
the first night at Morlaix, a town which I wanted
to see, as it was there that Tristan Corbiere lived,
and I knew his book of poetry., Les Amours Jaunes,
quite well. Sophia Brzeska read them all the time
to me when I was with her at Wooton-under-
Edge. It is rather a beautiful old town with some
very fine old carved houses. The hotel was very
expensive and filled with very dull French commer-
fants. We went to RpscofF, which has been com-
pletely ruined by the English. After RoscofF we
motored through wild moors and hills. This land-
scape might easily have been Ireland or Wales.
At Huelgoat is an extraordinary valley with huge
rocks. They said that they were of volcanic origin.
There is one particularly large stone which is called
" Le Rocker tremblant" This, if pushed in the right
place, rocks to and fro. The guide could do it but
we could not. We saw many churches with painted
wooden sculptures and effigies of the Breton Saints.
We found a church at Pleyben with a statue of
Saint Herbot. He is the patron of cows, and on a
stone table under his effigy were a collection of
cows' tails, offerings to him for his kindly services in
saving their lives from various diseases. Many of
these statues are of the fifteenth century. In the
Chapelle de Notre Dame du Huat are the statues of
six saints in painted wood. They stand in a row:
'                                                   "