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appears to be unknown. They are very dark and
unlike the Bretons, It becomes an island at high
tide. We went to Benodet and had to cross a river.
To do this one had to take a large ferry boat. We
drove the car into it and as we were waiting for it to
start I did a drawing of the opposite bank, with
large trees, a white hotel, and a red gipsy caravan.
I painted it when we got home and was quite
pleased with it. We passed through La ForSt,
which is a very pretty place with the slowest hotel
in the world. It is true that in France if you do not
arrive between stated hours you have to go hungry.
We only asked for bread and cheese and cider and
we had to wait about an hour, which was very bad
indeed for our tempers. Our tempers were mar-
vellous and even when we had punctures and break-
downs and lost our way we never got cross with one
We spent the night at Concarneau. The line of
old ladies and gentlemen were still there and gave
me the appearance of never having moved since the
last time I saw them. I noticed that their painting
had made no visible progress. I expect they are still
painting. We stayed the night in a hotel overlook-
ing the fortress, which looked beautiful with the
grey reflections of its walls on the blue waters. We
had one look at Pont Aven and Kinko and Tuohy
thought that it was as dull as Frank and I had found
it. We found ourselves at Hennebont. It had a
fine fortress and was free from foreigners. We
visited a cafe and found there all the maids of
> the opposite hotel They seemed never to have seen