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anything like us before or, in fact, to have encoun-
tered any English. We entertained them and our-
selves to Vermouth Cassis, which seemed to mount
to their heads with great rapidity. They got very
talkative and most confidential, and we became
rather nervous in case the angry patron, or worse
still, patronne, of the hotel came and objected to us
leading the staff astray. We rapidly entered our
motor and drove away before trouble took place.
We were punished for this disgraceful behaviour
and, on the road to Auray, had three punctures and
arrived all in the vilest of tempers. We found a
horrible hotel all got up in oak and plates on the
walls like something that is labelled in England,
" Ye olde," etc. With difficulty we got some food
and hurried rapidly away to Vannes where we
spent the night in a very good and inexpensive
hotel. We had been on the road four days and had
not lost much time, but the money was getting very
short and we had to hurry. We left early the next
morning and as we were nearing home we had a
puncture. There was enough money to pay a man
to mend it and we arrived home with exactly four
francs. I don't think the whole tour had cost more
than four hundred francs for the three of us. I had
done quite a lot of work, nothing very large or
important, but some drawings of sailors and some
very nice water-colours of the island. For about
thirty or forty years bad painters from all nations
had found the island a paradise of " pretty "sub-
jects. I thought the subjects were pretty too, but
oddly enough, seemed to find different ones from