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lived a few doors away. The policemen were much
amused and both offered me their arms. I gave them
a few francs and they left me at my hotel. If anyone
is behaving in an eccentric fashion and obviously
enjoying themselves, I have always found the
French willing to join in the fun. Of course, now
and then foreigners' perfectly innocent intentions
have been mistaken, and everyone has ended " au
Jeff and I used to go out for terrific evenings in
Montmartre. We would put on our best clothes
and dine at some grand place and then " do " the
mountain. One night, very late, almost five-thirty
in the morning, we went to a negro cabaret and
restaurant. It was kept by a very pale negress and
her husband, who was very black. We had some
champagne and Jeff said to Palmer, the husband,
" Well, Palmer, it's a curious thing, every day
Florence gets whiter and whiter and every day you
get blacker and blacker." And Palmer said respect-
fully, " Yea, Mr. Crane."
I had met at Pascin's a little clown called " Char-
ley," he was at the Cirque de Paris. He had a
partner and they were funny at times. I was dis-
cussing him with Iris Tree one day and said, " It's
a curious thing that Charley has not made a greater
success." And Iris said that, " If you were going to
be a clown at all you had either to be very funny
and original indeed or not a clown at all." At any,
rate he was a most amusing companion. He had
crossed America several times with circuses on the
road; He spoke five or six languages and, I believe,