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was actually, a Belgian Jew. He was often with
Pascin and his friends. He collected pictures, which
he succeeded in wangling out of painters. He has
one of mine which he acquired in a very artful
manner. I was with an American judge one evening
and we went to the circus. Charley was really funny
on that occasion and extremely vulgar. We went
round to his dressing-room, which was a wonderful
place. It had all his properties hanging upon the
wall. An enormous cardboard razor and a pair of
imitation breasts made of papier mache, which hung
up on a string and a miniature fire engine, a
miniature hearse, which was used for the funeral of
a flea (I forget how this tragedy took place), and an
imitation Turkish bath, in which a body was taken
out boiled to death. Sometimes^ if Charley was in
a good temper, he would give one some relic with
which one could play awful jokes on one's friends.
We asked Charley to come to Montmartre with us
after the show. He came with us during the interval
in his costume to have a drink at the bar of the cir-
cus. Descamps, Carpentier's trainer, was nearly
always there and all kinds of sporting people. We
sat up at the bar and bought Charley and the other
clowns drinks. I found the circus people most charm-
ing and unpretentious. They are a most cosmopoli-
tan race and they all speak so many languages that it
is difficult to know which race they belong to. After
the performance we collected Charley and took a
taxi to Montmartre, When we^got into the taxi
Charley found on the floor a garment of some kind,
and when we passed a bright light, Charley held it