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made amongst the artists and Rubezack, my Pole,
and someone else took him back to his Mother's
house. His Mother was very grateful to them and
offered each of them one of his water-colours in
return for their kindness, but they said they were
old friends of his and refused to accept anything.
I am afraid that I should have taken one as they
are very beautiful and I have always wanted to buy
Van Dongen I saw sometimes at the Countess A's.
He and his wife gave receptions every Monday even-
ing. He had an enormous house and two studios.
He and his wife sent me a permanent invitation to
come every Monday. I was delighted as it gave me
the opportunity of showing off all my grand evening-
dresses. I had nine at this time. I knew that the
person whom Van Dongen must meet was Prudence
and that he would love to paint her. I went by
myself the first week and when I got there Van
Dongen said, " Look what I have got for your
benefit/3 and I looked up to the gallery and there
were the musicians from a Bal Musette. One man
with an accordion with bells on his ankles and a man
with a violin. These bands are wonderful to dance
to as their sense of time is perfect, and the French
workpeople dance so well. At one time Ford hired
a Bal Musette once a week and invited his friends,
but it ended in a disturbance between the intellec-
tuals who wanted to talk and the dancers who wanted
to dance and to drink. Van Dongen's parties were
the best that I have ever been to. There was plenty
of champagne, the only drink to have at a party.