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Unfortunately there are those that it makes ill, but
I think that they are in the minority. There were
the most beautiful and elegant collection of women
I have ever seen. One South American had a
Lanvin dress of white silk with an enormous white
bow, edged with black, that covered nearly the
whole of her skirt and looked like a huge butterfly.
Van Dongen introduced me to a few people, includ-
ing a most charming Frenchman who wrote a great
deal about the discoveries of Glozel and the tremen-
dous controversy there was about them. He sat
with me and pointed out all the celebrities and in-
troduced me to anyone I wanted to meet. There
was an electric gramophone and a Breton singer, a
woman who sang Breton songs and was very cele-
brated on the music halls. Andre Warnod was there
with his wife. I told Van Dongen about Prudence
and the monkeys and how beautiful she was, and he
asked me to bring her and ask her to dance. She
came with her dancing clothes and her accompanist.
Most of the audience sat on the floor. She was an
enormous success. If she had done nothing except
stand still and smile she would have brought any
house down. The women were most enthusiastic.
I have found that Frenchwomen suffer much less
from jealousy of other women than most other
races. If I happened to look rather better than
usual or had a dress that suited me they would
crowd round me and be so sweet and kind. I think
it is really because they are so sure of themselves and
the idea that they should have a rival in any shape
or form never enters their very elegant heads. Any-