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Je suis toujours tres malade et sans courage.
TeUphonez un matin.
De c&ur>
I went to see him and he had grown thin and worn.
One day I received a cheque for a painting.   It
was  in   American   dollars   and   I   asked   Harold
Stearns where I could cash it-   Harold said,ce Gome
with me/3   We went to the other side of the river to
a bank and cashed it,   I think it was for about eight
hundred francs.   We visited the New York Bar and
Henri's Bar and drank champagne cocktails, which
certainly  went  to   my  head.     Harold  was  not
affected, as he had one of those heads which are only
to be found attached to the bodies of Americans
whose families have been in America for not less
than two hundred and fifty years and want some
" hitting.35   We came back to the D6me in a taxi
and a friend of his met me inside and said, " I am
with Leonard Merrick and a friend of his, and
they have come to find you/3   I didn't know him
but, of course, had read his books.   Apparently my
friend did not know him either and he had heard
that I was a desperate character and was to be
found at the Dome*   I introduced myself and he
introduced me to his friend, who was Edith Evans,
who has since become a famous actress.   I said, " I
am awfully sorry but I am afraid that I have had
too many champagne cocktails and may fall asleep