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had had a lot of fun, it was not so tragic as that of
Radiguet, who was so young.    After the service
we started for the cemetery, which was about a mile
away.   The men followed on foot first, walking four
abreast.    There must have been at least fifteen
hundred people present.    Afterwards walked the
women. Yvonne George, Valentine Hugo, Wassilieff
and myself headed the procession.    There were
many very respectable French bourgeoises, all dressed
in deep mourning.   These I found out afterwards
were the wives of all the keepers of cafes in Arcueuil
where Satie had had aperitifs.  At the cemetery we
stood by the graveside and saw the coffin laid in the
grave and shook the relatives by the hand and went
back to Paris.   I had a most beautiful letter from
Satie that he wrote me on one occasion when I asked
him to come to a ball that I was arranging with some
Americans.   I said that I would " dance like the
devil " for his benefit.  Alas! he could not come as
it was a very late affair,   He answered my letter
and said that he was sure that it was impossible
for me  to  " Dance like  the  devil"   as  I  was
" beaucoup  trop gentille"    Unfortunately,   I  have
lost it
I was at this time very broke and very gloomy.
F, and R. asked me to stay with them in their
castle and I very much wanted to go. I was in
pawn at my hotel and could not move, so had to
wait patiently until something turned up, A very
nice Englishman, Dreydell, turned up whom I had
met before. He suggested that I should have an ex-
hibition in London that he would arrange for me to