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capped mountains and the blue sky. To my sur-
prise I found that blossom was very much easier to
paint than many other subjects and it turned out
to be, I think, one of my best pictures. Even F,
liked it. It is now in the collection of Roy Randall,
We had breakfast in our pyjamas and dressing-
gowns and then walked about the estate accom-
panied by a very fat white mongrel, which waddled
and wheezed, and was called Zezette. Poor
Zezette very much shocked the smart French people
who visited us, as they expected that F., with
such a fine chateau, would have, if not Borzois in
attendance, at least Alsatians or something rather
I worked in the morning and afterwards we sat
in the sun and drank cocktails till lunch. The
cook was a fat Frenchwoman and I have never eaten
so much or such good food. I felt myself growing
fatter every day, which indeed I was. I am afraid
that I slept generally during the afternoon. Every
evening I insisted on putting on one of my nine
evening-dresses, and had great pleasure in sweeping
up and down the wide staircase and imagining that
I was rich. F. would put his head out of his sitting-
room now and then and hand out instructions on
the subject of deportment. F. and R. never worried
about changing and generally had dinner in their
ordinary clothes and espadrilles. After dinner we
sat in a little room which has now, I believe, a
mosaic floor designed by Picasso * F. would discourse
on life and the beastliness of the human race and
R. and I would listen. Once I inadvertently men--