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very funny, but he had a large stock of old stories'
that got a little wearying after a time.
My birthday is on the same day as F.'s, but
he is older than I am. It is Valentine's day, the
fourteenth of February, and he arranged a birthday
party. We asked Harry Melvill, a French Countess
and her husband, and a tall and distinguished
Englishwoman who was staying at Cannes, and we
hired a waiter from the hotel at Grasse. The waiter
proved to be quite mad and very inefficient.
Speeches were made and we drank a magnum of
champagne and walked and talked in the garden
afterwards. One day we went to Nice to see
Monsieur Gentilhomme, the tailor. We went to
Vogade's, where we found Honegger and Stravin-
sky. Stravinsky had to be fitted at the tailor's and
we all went round there, where he was to meet his
wife and children. He had with him two little
pictures that he had just had framed. They were
sewn in needlework and designed by his two small
daughters. They were very beautifully drawn and
he was very proud of them. His eldest son came to
meet him with his Mother. F., R., and I went back
to Vogade's and talked to Honegger. We asked
Stravinsky and his wife to lunch with us at Faletto's,
a restaurant on the road ffom Nice to Monte
Carlo, in a week's time. A few days later a motor-
car arrived at our house and Stravinsky and his
son appeared. This was before dinner. We always
had a tin of caviare press6 which I had to spread
thinly on toast. Stravinsky seized a spoon and
dug spoonfuls out of the tin and then played on