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our harmonium the fair tune out of Petrouchka.
They stayed to dinner, Stravinsky sat beside me and
presented me with a glass cigarette holder.
Picabia, the Dadaist, lived not far away from us
and we went with Harry Melvill to his house.   The
house was so full of things,, ornaments, pictures,
furniture, that it was almost impossible to move
without upsetting something.    He came to lunch
with us and brought with him Marthe Chenal, the
famous opera-singer.  She sang thec* Marseillaise " on
the steps of the Madeleine during the War, and had
a wonderful voice.   She was the most magnificent-
looking creature, very tall, with a wonderful figure
and a beautiful and very animated face, with curious
purplish-red Medusa-like curls all over her head.
Poulenc tried to induce her to sing, but she would
not, but asked us all to a box at the Casino at
Cannes, where she was playing " Carmen."   Poulenc
sang his latest songs which were composed for the
words  of some  old and rather naughty French
poems of the sixteenth and seventeenth century,
which delighted Chenal, and I was finally induced
to sing my sailor songs which Poulenc played for me.
Poulenc's Tante Lena was invited to the Opera also
and asked us if we would like to come and dress
at her flat at Cannes.   She was the sweetest old lady
I have ever met, very active and talkative, and was
so kind and nice to me, treating me as if I wasayoung
thing of twenty.   She came and brushed my hair
and helped me to dress and we all went to the
CafiS-de Paris and dined.  Tte^-^-^:^::^
jeune fills being chaperoned and out for the