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time. I wore a magnificent white dress with white
beads on it, very long. My hair was cut quite short
with two side whiskers, known by the apaches as
Rouflaquettes. I had enormous pearl earrings, a
large pearl ring, and a very good imitation gold
chain bracelet, all of which had been given to me
by R., F., and Poulenc one day, when they left
me alone at the Cafe de Paris, and went out and
showered false jewellery upon me, with which I
was delighted; and they really looked magnificent
with my fine dress. Ghenal was a splendid actress,
but looked really almost too big for the stage.
Afterwards we went to the Casino and had supper
with Chenal and Picabia and his wife and several
other people. I induced Picabia to dance. He
assured me that he had never done so before, but
he got round somehow. He was much shorter than
I was, and rather fat.
Chenal hired a motor-boat sometimes and took
her friends to the smaller of the two islands opposite
Cannes, called St. Marguerite. She invited us all to
lunch with her one day. F. was not feeling well and
so Poulenc and I went off in the car together. We
had to meet at a small cafe and had to explain that
F. could not come. One motor went back and
Poulenc and I got into ChenaPs Hispano-Suiza,
which was very large and grand. There were
Picabia and Gaby and two other people. It was a
beautiful day and very hot. On the island is a little
restaurant by the sea and under some trees we had
the spicialiU de la maison> which was lobsters done
in a special way. Everyone was French except