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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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A,—For the Deva-nagari alphabet, and others related to it—

2R ka    *| kha   i\ ga    g $A#   ^ #«           "
•* 'Z to     3 <A0    $ r/#    3 (/A#   <3f no>         ft ta     TJ £Aa    ^ da    v[ dha   «r ##
*T jw   tRj?Aa    ar 60    *rJAa   trwa         2ry#    KH*      3Tk    g* 00 or z«?(j
Visarga (;) is represented by ^, thus mwi; kramafah. Anwwin (*) is represented
by w, thus flhf simh, zfa vaAi.   In Bengali and some other languages it is pronounced
ng> and is then written ng*; thus 3'*f bangsa.   Amnasika or Chandra-Undu is re-
presented by the sign * over the letter nasalized, thus if wtl
B.—For the Arabic alphabet, as adapted to Hindustani*—
\   0, etc.   ^ j         *   d        )   r         \j»  $       £   '
y   fi         jj   cA        S   d         )   i*            yj*   $A      P   ffi
V  P         %   h         *   *          j   *          u*   t      ^f
o^         £   Ws*                           ;^^?«52
A t                                                                 fc 4   ^r A
&  j                                                                   * *    ^1 g
J   *
r m
^ n
. when repreieating antMlma
in DSva-nilgari, bj ^ over
nasalised vowel.
;   tcort;
^   A
L^  y> etc.
'fanwin is represented by ;i, thus y  fawan.   AUf4   maqt&ra is represented
by £;— thus, ^*> rfacw?.
In the Arabic character, a final silent A* is not transliterated,—thus **b banda.
When pronounced, it is written,—thus, *ttf ^o?aA.
Vowels when not pronounced at the end of a word, are not written in translitera-
tion. Thus, ^r &0w, not bana* When not pronounced in the middle of a word or only
slightly pronouuced ia the middle or at the end of a word, they are written in small
characters above the line. Thus (Hindi) t^frTT dekh*t&> pronounced dckhtai (EaS*
•*'                                                                                                                                                             «"S
miri) ^*t $£*b 5 ^H5y ^<?'*"f pronounced kor; (Bihari) ^^r1% dekhatb*.