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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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('. Special letters peculiar to special lamruHi:^ will h* dealt with under the head
of the lanyuaire*-; concerned. In tin* meantime tiu Mlwvh'.; more important instances
may be noted ;
(<r) The to sound found in'Maruthi i^ Pushtu fy), Kasmin ((T, fi), Tibetan
(&), and elsmvherejs represent <id by AY, So, ihe aspirate of that wrand
is represented by M.
(ft) The //r sound found in Manitbi (iK Pimhto (^) and Tibetan (&>) is repre-
sented hv //.% and its a^piraio hv //:A.
nt.'                                                li                                *            *,
(r) KiKnnn ^ (^r) is rcpiTStMifrd hy rt.
(//) Sindbt ^, Wcstorn IVnijahi (and iN<'\vbore w the* X.-W. Frontier) fa and
Pushtu :; r ^ are rrprtwutrtl by ;;,
(^} Tin* following art* l^ttors ptMMiliar to hishfo:-
* /; ^ / or (/:, a^cordini^ in pnuwnnation ; $ tl\ } r ; / sh or ^ accord*
inir to jtrunnnriation ; ^ A-A or U, acconlini; tn pr*nunoiatinn ; ;; or ^ ,
1 /*) frhi* follmvintj arc letters ppt'uliar to Sindhi:
Y AA ;  w //A ;    6 /A ;    J* / ;    S   /A ;    C /)A ;    . jj;    4*- ;A ;   -. cH ;
f n ;     o </A;   f //;   o ^/; ^j /M ;   &> /;;   o *A ;     ^ //(/;   i^ ^A;
^f;/;     ^ ;i.
J.).-*'(,Vrlai vouiul<, which arc not provide! for abovo, nr<ur in trftiwribins? I$n*
iiuatfcs \\hirh hav w alphahct> or in writing phonetically (asdistinct front trannlitcrat*
ins;) laniruri*;^ (nuch as l^ntjali) wh< spelling rlo^n not n*pivscnt thi* spoken sounds.
The principal of these are the following ;~-
a, represents tb wmnd of tb 9 in a//,
<N       i              >         u    ^ in
*\                    ,         M    * in
J,       t             M         n    o in A/.
lt                     )f         tl    ir in tins Frenrh
n,                    n              ^ in the first // in
r>,        n              Sl                 (i iu the Herman wlnw,
il        n                             /' in the           w/'Af
///,      n                         *>    /A in Mi//A-
i(A*                      >,         ,    M in tlrix,
Tho siMui-i'cmsonaniH pecwliar to the Munda ian-juajji-s niv imlirrjted by an npcw*
tmphe, TluN A'1, /'f p\ ami HO on,
LWheuit Is nece^iry to mark an awwttcd nyllabli1, the acuto accent in umi
Tiiiw in (|bt>war} Mttai* Iw \m, the acute accent shrnv* that the accent falln on
the fiM, and not, as might be ttxpectcd, on the second ^yliable,