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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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2                                                          EASTERN GliOlT,

it is the language of 36,239,967 people* In Assam, Chota Nagpur, and Orksa these
languages are not by any moans th< only vernaculars of tho country. Thoy are
rather the tongues of the more civilised Battled tracts, the hills being mainly inhabited
by aboriginal tribes who speak their own Tiboio-Burman, Dravidian or Munda dialects.

The total number of speakers of 1he Kastern Group
Tout number of cp*akrs.     of Imlo. Aryan V(iacularR in their own homes is thenv

fore as follows :

Au^'tunt^i:                                                                                                L*Mr,W!i

ll-it}*>fcU        ..**     4l,tV.'tvN

<'r>y.....-                                       s.yw,!!::

Hiliuri             ,..**,***     St,VJH'J,M7

TorAi        .     H^.'U^C?:)

Those figures only relate to those who speak thr above languages in (he aroa
in which rach is a vwiacuhr, Aa far as Assamese, Bengali, and Oriya aro concerned*
the OHHUH Hepnrt for TSUI givon \wtlm figuros for tho number of wpenkow of each
in other proviueen of India. Unfortunately Kimilar ll^un-s nro not available for
Bihari, tw that language wan not neparately countttd ia tiu Centi. AV have bwn
abltj to roughly ofttimat*1 th Biliiri figurc for the JProviwvN of Bengal and Awwiut,
but no materialti am available for other province. With HUH ^xoeption, tho fi/llowing
in the total number of ftpeakon of language of the lantern Group in all parts of Tndia>
as abown by tho pages of thin auwy ;


! therefore, for the ftpeakoni of Bihari in i>wvinee other than Bengal
and A taunt, we *haU lw well within the mark if we ctitimat** the total numter of
apeakora of the language of the Eastern Group of thi, Iiulo-Axyau v^raaculars a
over ninety milUona of pimple.
If \ve compare tltose figures with the populations of European countries, we
may say that tho number of pooplo who apeak Ammar ia about a quarter of the
|x>pulation of Roumania,1 that the number of those wlto p<*ak Bengali in gn*ater
than the population of Austri^Hungary,1 that the aumbw of them who apeak Oyiya
it equal to more than half the population of Spain/ while thoae who tpeak Bihar!
nearly equal the population of France,* As for the ninety millions who apeak language*
*  6,900,000.
* 17,565,03*.