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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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Table showing the Number of Speakers of Bengali ( Unspecified Dialects) within
the Lower Provinces of Bengal, but outside the Area in which Bengali is the
Vernacular Language.

Nan* of District.
	Number of Speakers*

Patna .......
	3,359 447 1,724 690 195 949 777 8,479 2,283 15,196 17,406 95 2,7(1
 7;333 are entered in {he Census as speaking Ben*' 'gali in this District.  Bat an examination of a specimen of this Bo-called Bengali shows that it is really a dialect of Bihari   There are, no doubt, speakers of Bengali, but their number cannot at present be stated. These are the figures locally returned.   The Census figures cannot be need, as they make no allowance for Saraki. These also are local figures.  The Census figures are 27,481, which evidently include a number of people classed by me as speaking aboriginal Ian* gnages.   Of those here recorded, 4.115 live iu Baxfti Kala State, and speak Western Bengali










Angtd and Khondmafe   .

Lolwdaga    ..*,. Cliota Nagpnr Tributary States

Wo shall ttoi* see vliat th<j Census says ^boul Bengali spoken in other Provinces,