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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

24                                                                     BBK3ALL

This is primarily rttsrol<ul jo the characters used in writing Hindostaiu, but
introduction by Jo.  OlwstoiVro Amaduxxi (Amadutius) cloak \vith Indian langu<
Amorally, and gives a list of them.   The I'ollcwimj; extract, may be cifcd : c Qontilitium
vero Alphabctum hoc in ioi ireucra xuhdividitur, quo! simt; Rcgiui, ac Prorinciac, in
quibus usnrpaiiir, ot a quilms nomen clerivai.   Iluiusmocli porro est lingua popularis
JBengalensis, Toumtiana, Nepalonsis.' ........ / Tourutiima * is the Maithili spoken in Tivhut.

Halhod's Bengali Grammar appeared in 1778, and from ihat date our knowledge of
the language takes ils rise.


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and it,    (Hoprmti'd in iVit'bwkt^ MitUTilaw%m-* Rtsay*. KiJH<tM>y (\mvll, Vol. ii, pp, I and ft)
On p, 'JJ23 (H^piiut, p, 25), ihwe is a *Wt a*vnunt of thu Httiit^vli Lnn^uago.
J?, LOUIB, Mtrrf t'JitwHtr* *t  citrwuitt'n t*<hwrinmt  r.t.^'f,  VAfriqtn\  rf,  VAwtrigvr, awe
elations nouvcU^s /'*$Mnst ft i/.< iati\itjt\Hjr,iiihhj[i't\*i'thi$farltivs.   4Vols. Puii,
18JJ8 43.    Vol. II contains ^oneral rt'marktt i> hulia.   TJ* hwtdin^ 4 LCH LUI^UUH/ catalogues a
largo immlwr of In<lian lauguagon, including ' lo brw^ali.'
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