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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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INTBODTTCTIOtf,                                                                         25

FOBBES, Vt.~Qf<wwa*tf the Bengali Language.   London, 1862.

FOBBES, D.,--Bengali Header. London, 1862. This IB a revised reprint of Hanghton*s Bengali Selec-
tions, mentioned above.

CHATTEBJEA, Jadunatt,—Infro&wfoon to Bengali Grammar*   Calcutta, 1879.
BROWNE, J. F.,—Bengali Primer in Boman Character.   London, 1881.

NICHOLL, G. F.,—A Bengali Grammar, also an Assamese Grammar (Being the first and last parts of a
Bengali Manual), London, 1885, Mr. Nioholl mentions the following seven Native Gram-
mars in his Preface. He specially praises the last :—

ITOBA, CHAKBABABT!,—Sttu-prahjs*.   Calcutta, 1877.
MuKH3pADHTlY,«-~2te<Jfc-$5rf   Calcutta, 1878.

TABKmm,~lty5fcaratt«ma%'ari.   Calcutta, 1878.
BRAJ-N!TH BIDYALA^K^E,—ByBkaran*$etu.   Calcutta, 1878.
NiTTlNAflDA CHAKBmftTl,—Byakaran-pralet.   Calcutta, 1878.
CHANDBA-MOHAJT SUN,—Sukh-prabes,   Calcutta, 1878.
AEON. ( ? Superintendent of the female Normal School),—Bsngal^lySkhran^paJiramanika.

Calcutta, 1878,

KiOEOl»L| GK F.,—A Bengali Manual, and Courses of Exercise illustrating idiomatic Construction, speci-
mens of current Hand-writing, etc., London, 1894.   This is an. enlarged edition of the former work,
FAUN, B. N,,—Jlbto to speak Bengali.   Calcutta, 1885.
BOUSB, G. H,,—Introduction to the Bengali Language.   Calcutta, 1891.
BIRESHVAB PAHDE,—Bengali Grammar (in Bengali).   Calcutta, 2nd edition, 1891.
RlMltfANDA CHATTE^A,-~SacMra Varna Parichay.   Calcutta, 1892.
BANERJI, K. P.,—Rudiments of Bengali Grammar in English.   Calcutta, 1893.
M0KHOPADHTA, Raj Krishna,—Bints to the Study of the Bengali Language for the use of JSuroftan

and Bengali Students.   Calcutta, Date ?
BEAMBS, J,,-~Grammar of the Bengali Language.   Oxford, 1894


FOBSTBB, H. P.,—Vocabulary, English-Bengalee and Bengalee-English*   Z Vols. Calcutta, 1799—1802.

RAM KtssEN SEN,—Vocabulary, English-Latin-Bengalee (the Bengali in Roman letters).   Calcutta, 1821.

CHUCKRUBUBTBE, T.,—A Dictionary tn BengafoEnglish.   Calcutta, 1827,

MORTON,—Bengal&English Dictionary.   Calcutta, 1828.

CAEET, W.,—A Dictionary of the Bengalee Language, in which the words are traced to their origin^ and

their various meanings given.   2 Vols. in 3 Parts.    Serampore, 1825.

CAEET, W.,—Vol. I of the Dictionary above quoted (Bengalee*English). Second edition.   Serampore, 1840.
DTiOZABiO, P. S.,—A Dictionary of the principal Languages spoken in the Bengal Presidency, viz.,

English, Bengali, and Hindustani.   Calcutta, 1837.
HiCGHTOff, Sir G. C.,—Glossary^ Bengali and English) to explain ihe TOti-itilias and other Selections.

London, 1825.
HATJQHTON, Sir GK 0.,—iA Dictionary, Bengalee and Sanskrit,  explained  in  English, and adapted to

students of either language; to which is added an Index, serving as a reversing Dictionary.   London,

BAM.COMUL SB*,—A Dictionary in English and Bengalee; translated from Todd's edition of Johnson's

English Dictionary.  2 Vols,   Serampore, 1831

A*OH.,*-4 Dictionary in English,.Bengalee, and Manipuri.   Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta, 1837.   -
BBOWN, BT.,—Comparison ofJndo-Ohinese Languages.   Journal, Asiatic Society of Bengal, Vol. vi, 1837.

Contains a Bengali Vocabulary.
ADDY, U. Q,,—English-Bengali Dictionary.   Calcutta, 1854.
ROBINSON, J;~Dictionary of Law and other terms commonly employed in the Courts of Bengal.

English and Bengali,   Calcutta, 1860.

1 It would be a hopeless, and a mseless, task to attempt to give a complete list of all the Bengali Dictionaries which
in swarms from Calcutta presses. Most of these are based on that of Mendies. I bare contented myself with * cataloguing
all those which are of bibliographical importance, and to these I have added such as have been deemed worthy of Admis-
sion to the Catalogue o! the Imperial Library at Calcutta, or to the pages of the Qrientaliscfit Bibliographic,
Bengali                                                                                                                                                   *