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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No* I.]

INDO-ARYAN  FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP.)

STASDAKD DIALECT.                                                                        (CALCUTTA.)

[The wrond line of transcription fc an attempt to tenrewnt tht tooderatolj- contracted pronunciation, common in the
eotieared colloqniai §t>gle j but it nm«t be remembered that jwme ipeftkaz* contract more thin, other*, Ai it ia ia tbe high-flow
stuskntited *tyle, a final a ia represented by 6 iuitead of 5.

Inibraphoae'ictranflriptiOB,*winoriOTinceda»inaw> tin, not ts *K \n tieil, which it represented by ti.   Th
letter ' (abore the line) IB my faintly pronounced, and is, indeed, htrdlj audible.

r renounce a aa the a \\iKatf 2 as tho * in met /  *a* the a io hot t and « at in oil.   The latter o (without an
diacritical inaik) repreeenta the ihort •riund of tha 6 !n horn*.   It i« the firit o ia prom/it* and U th« o m the Fi«moh

Wre, as compared with votrt.   It should be carefully diitrngniihed dom tbe <?-of hot.

Other L-onionuuts and voweis are pronounced an iu the authorized Government intern.]

Kons-ek-ryalctir du-ti  pattra chliila.   TanmadhyS    kani«h$ha-U   tabar   pifa-fcfl
Kono-dltMktir du-ft puttro chjdlo.   Tonmaddh'e    &onithff>d-}i    tdhar pitd-ki


kahfla, 'pita^t.    visbay§r    y§    angla  amar    prfipya, taba ama-kfi         din.'
koMlo,   'pUb    Mthoyer     je   ongsho amar   fTapp>dt t&ha, dmd-kS         din*

MMf     .«fca«.  what      A*r.      of-m.      ^t^.gttt  tfcrt     m,.to    b..r«d.«o»t1..o.«vfc

Tini-6  ubader   madhye   tthar   sampatti   vibhag   kariya   dilen.     Ihar   alpa   din
noddWe  tShar   sUmpottt  HMdg   koriya  dilen.    J.l>ar    olio   din


HMd»   of'them        ^.ong          hi.           we.!A        «,«»„   h»Ting.m«u    prc      OHbi,    ^

par6-i kanishtha  puttra-ti samas^a    gkatra    kariya  Sk  dur    dfi^S   yatra  karila
forS-l  kwi*W5  pnttro-tl shomaslo   ttottro    kdriffd  dk   dnr   detkg i&tra korttt

rft«      Hu,,ouBg«          Ma          ti«,.hoU      ugrth«».d.   . di.U»t iu^uatr, i«MV     a^

"        17     Parim       &CUr§    teh"    Tish

:   S

tM   ««ouy   on.                                          '      S7

mathe     sukar      charaite
.Mkor     cMrditi

,0'.glM9                               '                ««*or-|>5?fr    bhojj'o-bhutti