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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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40                                                     BENGALI.
The preceding specimen may be taken as representing the standard dialect of
Bengali winch is current in modern literature. Similar specimens* which need not be
given here* have been received from the other districts of Central Bengal.
The following specimens are professedly written in the colloquial language itself.
It will be seen that the contracted forms of the conjugation of the verb are freely used
and are written in their contracted shape in vernacular character* The first specimen
also comes from Calcutta, and is in the colloquial dialect used by women. A transli-
teration is given in the Koman character* It has not been thought necessary to add a
phonetic transcription* as ail that is necessary* in order to obtain the sounds expressed
by the letters* is to follow the rules of pronunciation given in the skeleton grammar,
Here and there, in special instances* the phonetic transcription is given after certain
words. As regards grammar, note that the 3rd sg* past of transitive verbs often Šads
in e, instead of a. Thus dile$ for dtta.