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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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The next specimen has been prepared by Mahamahdpadhyaya Pandit ae^a
Chandra Nyayaratna, O.I.E., and represents the colloquial dialect of the West of Howralh
District, of which part of the country that gentleman is a native. It is accompanied
by a transcription in the Eoman character, and also by a phonetic transcription The
prmciple of phonetic transcription adopted by him, is not exactly the same as that used
in preceding specimens but this is an advantage rather than otherwise, as the
I oZ   ^ S               eXPre88 aCCUrateljr' that ne 8y8tem an be U8ed to
It mil be seen that the style is not so much contracted as  in the  p
example, and that there is a tendency to pronounce a final a a, o, not M o.   We
numerouB instances of the dropping of an aspirate, M in deke, having ^een, for deJcUya,
and ith, let me arise, for &.                                                                                y '