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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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00                                                              BENGALI.

is the South-Western variety of Bengal, which is shading off into Oriya, and which
has as great a title to be called a dialect of that language as of Bengali; but in the east
and north of the District, the dialect closely resembles the Standard Bengali spoken
in the neighbouring District of Howrah. This will be manifest from the two following
specimens; The first is from Ghatal, and the second from Tamluk. The first is in
the north-east and the second in the south-east of the District. In the extreme
north of the District, near Garhbeta, the dialect partakes somewhat of the Western
Bengali of Bankura. For farther particulars regarding the Bengali spoken in Midna-
pore, see the section on South-Western Bengali.

[No. 7.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)

STANDARD DIALECT.                                                 (GHATAL, MIJDNAPOBK DISTEICT.)



Hk  loker  dui-ti puttra  chhila.  Tahader   madh'e   chhoMi   pita-kc bulila,
A  man's   two    sons     were.     Them     among    younger father-to Mid'
)a, amar  aagfe      |e     sampattir    bhag    pare   taha ama-ke    deo.'    S
'father, my   portion   what  property's   share   falls   that   me-to    yioe.'   Ke
tahader    madh"e   tahar   sampatti    bhag     kariya    dila.    Kichhu    din     pare
their     among     his    property  division  making   gave.     Some    days   after
ai     chhota   chhele-ti  tahar    samasta sampatti     ekatra   karila,   cbaru?  ek
that   younger      son       his        all      property  collection  made     and   a
dur      dele     raona-haila.   Ebang  sekhane  asatkarma  kai-iya   tahar sampatti
dtstant country-**  started.       And     there   foul-deeds   doing     his   property
khiiaila.     Jakhan     se  samasta  kharaoh  kariya-phelila,  takhaa sei
wasted.      When     he     all     spending     wasted,             then   that
at'anta    akal    parila.   Ebasg   tahar  anatan  arambha  haila.
great   famine   feU.     And     his     ,*<