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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. a]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                       (EASTERN GROUP.)

STANDARD DIALECT.            ;                                  (TAMLITK, MIDNAPOSIS DISTRICT.)

t ^?w i  ^? pwtpr CT
c<pfui pft cwr tfir ^WT ^r ^ OT


k    vyaktir (bdktir)     dui    putra   chhila,   Tahader madh7e   kanishtba apan
One         mtin'a             two     sons     were.      Them       of      youngest   his

pita-ke kahila, ^pitah!     sampattir       'je       bhag    ami     paiba     taha    ama-ke
father     said, 'father! property-of which    share     I      will-get    that    me-to
dao.5     Tahate     se   tahader   madhje    bishay     bhag-kariya-dila.       Alpa    din
give*   Upon-that he    themt    amongst  properly             divided.           A-few days

pare    kanishtha    putra    samasta       ekatra        kariya           dur              d3^c

qfter     youngest       son         all         together      tnaking      to-distant      country
prasthan-karila.     Ar   sekhane   se   aparimita achare   apanar   sampatti ujaiya-dila.
10011^           And    there    he w*riotous condticts    his      property squandered.

Se   samasta     Vay    kariya-phelile         sei-de^e       bhaii     akai      haila,      6

He     all         spent    having*wasted in-that*country   great fwnwe   occurred, and
se      kashte      parite   lagila.

he    in*distress   falling   began,    ________________

Standard Bengali is also spoken in the Districts of Nadia and Mursbidabad. It is
unnecessary to give translations of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, but, instead, for
Nadia, is given the report of a conversation between two villagers regarding the earth-
quake of 1897, and, for Murshidabad, a popular religious song. Both axe in the extremely
contracted style.