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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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STANDARD DIALECT OP NADIA.                                                 63

Pachu.—Ami Gowayi   hate    bari    giyS   kapay    chherS     darayS      kapt§

I QowSfi from  home   going   cloth   changing   standing   trembling

ktpte       baire     giye"   dlralam.
trembling   outside  going    stood.

Mali.—Bari     giye1    dekhlam    chhele-pile     pharake           es8       dlriyg

Borne   going      saw         children   at-a-distance   coming   standing


Conversation between Pachu SJwkh and Mali Mandil.
PachiL—The first shaking of the earth came from the west.   After that all the
houses legan to shake.   After that the water began gradually to shake.
Then all living animals, such as cows and calves, began to shake.
What were you doing ?
Mali.—I had gone to the house of my hanker for paddy. I had sat down and was
leaning against a post. To my knowledge, I never saw such an earth-
quake. Where were you at the time ?
P5chu.—I had come home from Gtowayt, and was standing after changing my
clothes.   I went and stood outside, all of a tremble.
Hall—When I got home, I saw my children standing at a distance from the