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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

gg                                                                 BENGALI-
baba-ke     balle,    'baba ami Bhagabaner   nikat     6    tomar   choka    aparSdhl
to-the-father  said,    'father  I      of-God.      near    and    thy    in-right     sinner
haySchi, ar ami tomar ehhSle balbar Juggi nai.' Kintu bap chakordike
kwe*become> and I thy son to-be-Galled fit am-not.9 But father to-servants
balle, 'sab chSye bhala poshak en8          e-ke para; er hate angti ar
said, ' all than   good    robe bringing thi$-(per$ori) pttt-on; his on-hand ring   and
paye    juto   pariye-de;    ar kheyg-dey$      amod       alliad     kara-]ak.       Ky£ngna
Mrfeet shoes  put-on;   and let-eating    merriment rejoicing  tie-done.           For
amar ei chligle-ta     marS      bfchSche;  ami harana-dhaii   peySclu.'     Ei     bolS
my this   son     having-died has-lived;    I     lost-wealth   have-got.'   This   saying
sabai    amod       allade              matlo*
all merriment pleasure became-alsorbed-in.
Ldike    far   bara   beta   mate chhila; se   astS      aste     barir    kaeba-kaohi
Tkis-side his elder   son in-field teas;   he coming coming of-house      near
kayS     nach    gan    ^unte   pele.      Takhan   se      yyak-jan     chakor-ko    dekS
being    dance   song   to*hear   got.        Then    he    one-person   servant-to   calling
jijfiasa-kalle,       *e      saber    artha       ki?1      Chakor     ballc,   *aptiar    bhai
asked,        ^ of-this    all    meaning    what?    Servant    saidt     *yottr    brother
eySchhSn,      tax      apnar    pita    bara    blioj     diy8chli8o,    kyan£na   tini ta-ke
Itas-coine,   for-this   your   father    tig     feast    has-given,         for      he    him
bhaloy   bbaloy   6     susta   ferlrg   poygchbSa.1     15     Sane     tar    rag    halo,    fi8
good      good   and healthy in-body   received?   This hearing his  anger arose,   he
ar    bhitare     Jete     chachehhilo   na-      Takhaa   tar   baba   beriye    6s6   ta-ke
again within     to-go       wished      not       Then    his father coming   out    him
sadhta    lagla   Se      uttar      kalle,    'deka,   ami   aj      kata      bachor   dharS
to-entreaf legan. Me    answer    made>     'see,      I  now tow-many years    from
tomar     ggba      kachchi,   ami   kakkliana tomar ajfia    langhan   kari  zial Kinfca
am-yow tervwe      doing,      I       never     thy order   transgress  did  not.   But
tabu-5 bandhuder niyS    amod   karbar janya tumi ama-k& kakhano yyak-ta chhota
yet     friends    with pleasure  doing    for    thou    me*to      ever      one     little
pata-5  dao   nai. Kintu   Je   chh5le-ta be5yader-niyg tomar sampatti uriyg-diy8che,
kid   gavest not.    But   that      son      harlots-with      thy   property   Jtas-wastetf>
8g      jei        ghare     elo,    amni   tumi   tar   janya   bara   bhoj      dile.'        Se
he aS'Soon-as to-home   come, so-soon  thoit him   for     big   feast  hast-given.'  Me
balle,   'baba, tumi barabar-i amar   kache achha; amar    ^a     kiobu ache   ta
said,    *son,    thou     always    my      near     art;      my    whit    little    is   that
tomar-L    Ekhan amader   amod       ahlad   kara   6 khusi haoya (howa) uchit,
e-orily. Now    ow    merriment pleasure doing and glad       being         fit>
tomar   ei bhai-ti  marS chhila,  abar     bachlo;      se hari7S    cbilo* abar
for     thy   this brother dead   was,   again eome-M^fei   he  lost     wa*, 0gain
ta-ke paoya-Cpawa
him       Lhate found.'