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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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WBSTEHN DIALECT OF JfAKBHUM,                                              75

kintu   ekhnS   thora   majadari    kara       ctahi,    kenna    tor   ei    bhai-ta   mara
but      now    some merriment making foproper, because    thy this   brother    dead
gelcjihila,    aro     blchla; harai-gelchhila    aro,      pawa-gelchbe/
was,      cgam  is-alive;      was-lost        agam^    has-been-found.'

In the following specimen,-a statement of a person accused with theft, it is
necessary to draw attention to the manner in which it is attempted to represent a double
letter. This is done by adding a . Thus ba&e is pronounced boshshe, for basiya$
having sat down. So sudhydlyek is prouounced shuddhdllefa he (or they) enquired.
Again dilyek> is pronounced dille/:.