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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 13.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                        (EASTERN GROUP.)

WISTBEN DIALECT.                                                              (MANBHUM DISTRICT.)


(7RT fiftft

tfc* T^ *ftpn ^ i ^ ^nflc® ?n ^tcf i

i  W's^i T^R ^tj *t?Ri *ttirt^" ^ fk^PP dt c*fi


I TfctTtOT CT^I ^1  C^^^ftW  ^ I    ^^

i  jcs^ ^tw «rlt5r
i  «n ^rt    CTt^ «RN ^ to^ i

I^ i

Hujur,   Ami       dakane      basye (bfishshe)       mithai         bikchbili.     Chiir-ta.
Sir,        I      tothfrshop        sitting           sweetmeats     was- selling.      Four
asye    ama-ke     sudliyalySk       mithaiycr       dar        kata.        Ami   balli
Babus   coming    me         enquired     of-swectmeats    price    how-much.      t    said
«sab  jiniser   dar       ta        &k      lay.5      Ai     babu-gula     sunTe-bade     balv5k
of-all things price, indeed,  same  is-noL*   Those    Babus      hating -heard      mid
*sab-rakam milayS   amadi-ke     ak     scr     dao.f   Ami     ak   scr      mitbai    dili,
c all-Mnds   mixing       w          one    seer   give.'    I      one seer sweetmeats gave,
ar      at      ana     dam       magli.      Babu-gula  takhana   bal'gk,   'amader  satbe
and   eight   annas   price   asked-for.    The-Łabus    then       said>         *u$       with
sab   payasa     nai.         Ai-ladito       la        acbbe*    Ukbane     jayl-bade       dam
all    pice    are*not>    In*that~river  a~boat    there-is.    There     after-going    price
pathai-diba.1    Bhadar-lok   dekhye        ojar       Dai        kalli.      Bahut-ta   palam
(i&e)-wittm3md**   Gentlemen     seeing     objection    not     I-made.       Great      delay
halya        payasa      pathai         nai       diiySk       delete,    ami       ladi      takka
havwg-been   pice     having-sent     not    thoy*gave     seeing,      I      the-river up-to
geli.      Jayl-bade     .dekhli      la-ta      se-khane      ual       Babut      dur      takka
went.   After-going      saw     the-boat     there       m*~not*   Great   distance   tip-to