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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

[No. 14,]
IRANIAN FAMILY.                              (EASTERN GROUP.)
WESTERN DIALECT.                                           (DHALBHUM, SINGHBHUM DISTOICT.)
Ek     loker   du-ta    chha    chbila.      Tader      bhitare      sab          cbbota
One   man's   two      sons     were.      Qf-them     among     (of) all    the-youngest
chha-ta   tahar   bap-ke     bolla, *0     bap,      dhaner         Je      hisya   ami    paba,
son       his    father-to     said, c 0 father,   of-wealth    ^ohat    slfare     1 will-g&t>
se-ta ama-ke    de.J     Tahate      se      tader    madbye     dban      hisya           kari
that    me~to    give.9 Thereon    he    of-them    among    wealth    share    having*made
dila,   Kichhu    din        bade         chhota    chha  sakal       ek      then        kar&
gave.     Some     days afterwards  the-young   son     all     (in) one place having-made
dbur-deSe            gela,      ar      setbe      so      bara       nashtami           kare
4n*a*far-country        ioent,     and     there      he     great    debauchery      having-done
dban             urai                           dila.                 Se     sakal            urailS
wealth   having-cau$ed~to-fly   gave*^tandered).     Se      all      having«cau$ed-to-fly
se-de^e        bara   mabarag   haila,       6     se     duhkbo    parte  lagila.  Takhan
in-that-country great   famme    became,   and   he   in-misery to-full began.    Then
se         jeye              sei-deser         ek      lok          gSyer        basidar     asrit   la'ila.
he   having-gone    of-that~country    one  person   of~a-village   dweller   refuge   took.
Se       lok      ta-ke     tire       apanar   ghusur   charate        dila.              Pare
That   person     him    m-field    his-own   pigs     to»feed    gav  (sent).   Afterwards
ghasur      Je     tus        khata      taha   diya   se       pet      bbatti     karte      man
pigs     what   husks used-to-eat   that   with    he   the-belly  filled    tQ-nwke   mind
karla,   kintu       keo       ta-ke      dila     na.       Pare         chet         paye,        so
made*    but     any-one    him-to    gave    not.   Afterwards   sense     hcuwng-gott  he
kahila,        camar             baper             darmaha-deya              kafca             cliakar
said}         * of-me       of-the-father       tvages-earning         how-mffiiy        servants
darkarer          besi    khate          paye             tbake,    ar   ami etbe     bhoke
of-(than)-necessary   more   to-eat   having-obtained  remain, and    I    here  in-hunger
macbobhi.   Ami         uthg            amar         baper              thine               jai
am-dying.     I      having*ari$en    of-me    of-the*father      in-presence     haviug-gone
kari        balba,    **0     bap,   ami  ParamC4varer          tirine,           6        tor
having*done   will*say$ c< 0 father,   I        of-God       in~the~pre$ence,   and   of-thee
tbine           pap karichhL   Ami   ar     tor   biita        bale         nani     karbar
in-the-presence    sin  have-done.    I  more  thy    son   being-called  mme of-making
ucbit     nai.    Ama-ke tor     gk      lok       darmahadar    ciiakar    mata raklia/1 *
proper   am-not.    Me    My    one   person,   wage-getting   servant    like    keep.199
Pare        se        uthS               tk          bapgr               tbine       gela.   Kintu
Afterwards   he   b<wwg*wisen     of-him   of*the~father     in-presence went.    But