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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

WESTERN DIALECT OP DHALBHUM (SINGHBHUM).                                79
se      dhure            thakte     tar     bap    ta-ke    dekte   pala,   ar     daya   karg
he  in-distance    remaining   his   father   him    to*see    got,   and    pity making
daurg            jaye        tar    gala       dhare,       chum   khate   lagla.     Beta
having-run   having-gone   his   neck  having-seized,   kisses to-eat   began.   The-son
ta-ke  bolla,    'bap,   ami    Parameter        thine           6      tor         thine
him»to   said9   'father, I        of• God     in*the*presence and of-thee w*the*presence
pap   kariehhi.    Ami     ar     tor     beta        bale        Dam      karbar       uchit
sin    have-done.    I     more   thy      son   being-called name    of-making proper
nai*    Kintu       bap       tar chakar-ke bolla, 'chare bhala kapar         ani
am»not.9   But    the-father   his servanMo said,   ' most good clothes having-brought
kari,                e-ke           de,       er       hate      mudi    ar      paye     juta
having-done,    thi$-(him)-to    give,     his    on-hand    ring    and    on-feet    shoes
parhai        de,       ar         amara     khai         kari           khusi   hai; kenena
having*put-on  give,     and      (let)-us    eating    having*done    happy   be;    for
amar   ei   chhata    mare-chhila,    bachechhe;   harlichila,    paichhi/           Pare
my   this    son        dead*was,     has-survived;   lost*wa$,   Lhave-found*Afterwards
tara  khusi   hate   lagila.
they happy to»6e began.
ir    tar    bara    bete        bile       chhila.   Se         ese,               gharer
And   his     big      son    m-the-field    was.    S3   having-come,    ofthe-house
kachhe                   hale,              gan      6      bajna     sunte   pela,   Takhan
in~the*neighbourhood  having-become,   singing   and    music    to-hear got.      Then
se    ek    lok      chakar-ke        kachhe                dake,         bolla,   *iga      ki?5
he one person    servant     ^neighbourhood   having-called,  said,    'this   what?9
Se ta-ke   bolla,   'tor  bhai     asechhe,   ar    tor     bap    bara     khaoyS (khawa)
Se Um-to  said,   'thy brother has-come, and thy father a-great         eating
tiyar  karechhe,   kenena   se ta-ke    bhala      gaye  paichhe/   Kintu  se    rag
ready ha$*made,   because  he  Mm   witfogood   body   has-got.'    But    he   anger
kalla, bhitare   jate   mania   na.       Pare       tar     bap     bahire        ese,
made,  within   to-go  desired not.   Afterwards his   father   outside having-come,
ta-ke     bujhate    lagla.   Kintu   se   jabab       diye           tar     bap-ke    holla,
hm~to remonstrate began.    Sut    he  answer having-given    his   father-to   saidf
*dek,           eta           bachhar  ami tor    puja     karchhi,     tor    kona   katha
'see,   (for)~so-many     yean       I   thy   service   am-doing,    thy    any   word
kakhana           kati         na;       tabu           tui   kakhana ama-ke ek-ta   chhagal
ever     cut (disobeyed) not;   nevertheless  thou     ever     me-to      a      goat
chhana      dis      nai,      Je    amar  kutum-ke  laye       khusi          karba;
young-one  gavest   not,     that    my    friends    taking,  happiness   I-$hall-make ;
kintu    tor     ai    beta    Je      kasbider           thene            tor     dhan    khaye
but      thy   this    son    who   of-harlots    inJhe-presence     thy    wealth    eating
diyechhe,    se  jakhan    ala,  takhan    tui     tar        lagi        bara    khabar
has-given,     he   when    came9    then     thou  of*hm for-the-sake  great    eating