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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 13.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY-                       (EASTERN GROUP.)
WESTERN DIALECT.                                                  (WEST OF BCEDWAN DISTRI *.)
Koaalkono)     loker    dui-ti     ohhele    clihilo.      Tader     madde      chhota-ti
Certain     person's     two        sons      were.     Of-them   among   the-yomger
tar     bap-ke     bolle,    «baba,    tomar     bishayer      |fe       bhag    ami       pabo,
his father-to     said*  'father^      thy   of-property    what   share      I      shall-get,
amay   dao.'    Tar     bap       bishay       bhag           kar8        dUe.     Kichhu    din
to-me   give.9    His father   property   division   havwg-done  gave.     Some    days
pare       chhota      chhele    bishay-a&y    ekattar         kar8           dur         de§
after   the-yowger     son     property-etc.   collected   having-made    distant    country
diye       chale-gela.    Sekbane       Jeye    khub        kbaraoh-pattar             kare
towards    went-away.      There       going    much    extravagant-expenses having-done
sab      bisbay         uyiyS-dUe.                     TJriy8-dile               par    se-khane bbari
all   property   squandered-away.   Saving-squandered-away   qfter     there    great
akal          holo,     tar    khub   dukshu (dukkhu)     hold.        Takhan   se    sei
scarcity    became,   his    much         adversity         became.       The®     he   that
deSer       ek      gerostar            ghare       cbakar       railo^       ar    tar   maniber
o/-comtry    a   householder's   in-the-house   servant   remained^   and   his   master's
mate    £uor   charate   naglo.      Suore       ]e       bhusi        kheto       sei   bhSsi
fa-field   hogs   to*tend   began.   The-hogs   which   husks    u*ed-to*eat   those   husks
kbeye    apnar    petta   bbarate   ichchha-kalle,   kintu   ken   ta-ke    ta     khete
eating   his-own    belly    to-fill    uish-he-made,    but   any-one hm   that    to-eat
dile-na*      Tar    Jakhan      bos     hold,    se   mane-mane   kalle      %      tar
did*not-give.   His      tohen      senses   came,   he     in*mind     made    that,     his
baper         bajite           kata           maine-kara        chakar         rayeche,       ar
father'*      in-house      how-many      month-paid       servants            are>         and
tara      khub       khete      paohche,      ar       se     beta     ksbidey     machche.
they      much      to-eat       receive^      and     he     here    in-hunger     is-dying.
*lmi        ut§              amar       baper       kache        Jabo;      ta-ke       balbo,
*J    having*arisen       my     father9*       near        will-go;    him-to   Lmll-say,
<cbaba»    ami      sagger            birudde             6          tomar      sumuke       pap
*'father9    I      qf-heaven      fa-opposition       and       oj-thee    fa-presence     sin
kariehi.           Ai^i       ar           tomar      puttut      habar        juggi      nei.
have-committed.       I     any-more      thy         son       of-being       fit       am*not.
Ama-ke   tomar    8k       jan            maine             kheko       jan-majurer    mata
Me        thy      one   person     wonthiy-(pay)       eater           eoclie            like
BengaU.                                                                                                                                                          5ir5